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About Us

Active Home Loans is owned by KLC Holdings, Inc based out of the Santa Clarita Valley.  It's Broker and Founder, Maz Badie, has been in the mortgage industry since 2003 having Brokered over $300,000,000 in residential and commercial loans.  Mr. Badie is an expert in residential home loans, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac guidelines, underwriting criteria and loan origination processing.

Active Home Loans, formerly Exclusive Mortgage Group, has always been committed to providing the right loan for each Borrower, and this is what led them to survive the mortgage meltdown of 2008.  Many Brokers at that time were originating super exotic mortgages (negative amortization, short term adjustable loans, stated income, etc.) and not disclosing the ramifications these loans could have in 2, 3 or 5 years.  Most home owners were stunned and surprised once their loans "expired" and payments increased, resulting in an inability to make those payments.  This, of course, led to foreclosures and banks unable to collect on their loans.  In turn, mortgage brokers who specialized in exotic mortgages were forced to close their doors, most losing their licenses and unable to return to the industry.

Maz Badie and Exclusive Mortgage Group survived that financial tragedy and continued to originate proper loans tailored to each Borrower without putting anyone at risk.  Exclusive Mortgage Group changed it's name to Active Home Loans for marketing purposes and has been providing superior service throughout California.